Half-Term Activities & Ideas

Make lasting family memories this May half term with our fun activity ideas, including National Trust visits, flower exploration, seaside adventures, and more!

The summer holidays are edging ever nearer - and here’s the first sample of that long, warm break! The May half term! We always feel like this spring/summer half-term preps us for the long break with its warming, brighter weather. Easter has come and gone, and the sun is starting to stick around for longer. What are your plans? We would love to know! If you are a bit short on ideas this time around, we’re happy to share some simple suggestions to keep your little ones busy, and to help make lasting family memories.

Visit a National Trust property

We are big fans of the National Trust here at Eeny Meeny, and there’s no better time to see the beautiful gardens and properties in their full glory, than May! The National Trust usually publish a guide to what’s on in your area for each half-term - so expect lawn games, crafting, nature exploration and more. There are often free passes up for grabs in half term, too, so always keep a look out if you aren’t already a member. Many properties also offer discounted rates for garden visits only, which are the best part of a visit in warmer months.

Flower exploration

May hosts a beautiful array of growing buds, and with the Chelsea Flower Show going on, there’s a huge amount of floral appreciation to be had in this half term! Head to our post on the Chelsea Flower Show to explore more in terms of the event itself, or consider carrying out your own floral activities throughout the half term. The Woodland Trust have a brilliant ‘blossom spotter’ site which explores what you might find in your local woodland, plus a range of spotter sheets to take with you on your adventures.

Take advantage of your local library

Libraries are often an incredibly untapped resource - so why not explore what your local one has on offer? Local libraries often run crafting, reading and play activities in half terms, or even host puppet and theatre shows, often for free. Outside of set events, a big room full of books is certainly something to enjoy all on its own! Similarly, local children’s centres may offer fun half-term activities for older children and younger children alike. 

Get out to the seaside

If it’s feasible, spring is a lovely time of year to explore your nearest seaside or marshland. There are lots of birds to spot - the RSPB are a great one to find what’s local to you, as well as shells to collect, muddy sand cakes to make and ocean to splash in! Why not take a painting or drawing set and encourage your little ones to create a lovely seaside-themed piece of artwork? Older children might like to research the fish species in the sea where you are, or perhaps learn about ocean conservation. 

Embrace art

A final idea is making the most of art galleries. If you are a city dweller this will certainly be familiar already - locations like The National Gallery have a variety of free and paid half-term activities to choose from, for example. Don’t worry if you’re more rural, though, as now is a great time to explore and support more local galleries! You may find half-term activities are already set up and ready, but there are still plenty of opportunities for fun if not. Try looking ahead at what art is available to view and make your own scavenger hunt list, or read up and explore beforehand to get the excitement building. You might even ask to speak with a guide at the gallery or exhibition to encourage your little ones to use their oracy!


We hope these ideas help you plan some fun family memories this half term. We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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