Making Childhood Memorable
is at the heart of what we do

Inspired by our own childhood memories, we want to give children the opportunity to build their own interpretation and imagination of life through play.

We believe that fun and education should be combined so kids can develop whilst creating happy memories alone and/or with others.

We want to be more than another online shop and offer our customers an inspiring experience consistently promoting and celebrating childhood

Our sustainable commitments

“The responsibility of each generation is not to please their predecessors. ÀIt’s to improve things for their offspring.”

Adam Grant

Reuse & Recycle

Our packaging is made from recycled materials

Save space

Replace boxes with soft envelops that are lighter and more ergonomic where possible

Shop local

Highlight on brands with production supporting their local industry and communities

Support Change

Work exclusively with brands with clear commitments towards the environment

Helping Others

1.3 million children under the age of 3 live in poverty in the UK. It represents 43% of children in London.
Contributing to giving all children the start in life they deserve is part of our DNA and why we want to exist. As such, for every order placed with Eeny Meeny, a charity donation of 1% of order value with a £1 minimum will be made to charities supporting children in poverty in the UK

Donation meter

Little Village is a baby bank that collects great quality clothes, toys & nursery essentials for kids from 0 to 5 years old and gets them to families in need across London.
Little Village