Fun Flowers Activities To Do With Your Kids

Explore the magic of flowers with your children through simple activities inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show. Discover flower pressing, potions, crafts, and more!

Buttercups and daisies,
Oh, the pretty flowers,
Coming ere the springtime,
To tell of sunny hours.

While the trees are leafless,
While the fields are bare,
Buttercups and daisies,
Spring up here and there.

Mary Howitt (Public Domain)

Spring is well and truly here, and nothing quite says new life and vibrancy like the wonderful Chelsea Flower Show. Have you visited the show? Have you been with children? Or, perhaps, do you enjoy the magic through photos and videos online? Whichever way you choose to enjoy this lovely annual festival, we heartily recommend using it as a springboard to enjoy the magic of nature’s flowers with your children. Inspired by the colour and joy of the show, we’ll be sharing some fun, simple activities that explore flowers for little ones. 

Flower Pressing

Have you ever tried flower pressing? This is a lovely activity to explore the magic of flowers with little ones, especially if they love to pick them but get sad when they wilt. Simply go out into a space with local wildflowers, or your garden if you have outdoor space, and select a few beauties. Bring them home, then use the flower press to preserve them! You could then use them for window decorations by laminating them (if you don’t mind the use of plastic) or add them to cards for beautiful spring gifts. Older children might even like to use their pressed flowers as bookmarks!

Pot painting

Do you have a few green-fingered fellows in your tribe? Perhaps children would enjoy growing their own flowers - we have a gardening kit to help! This article offers a great summary of what is in season. Aside from the magic of planting, tending and caring for their flowers, there is also much fun to be had in deciding a pot to place flowers in. You might even like to buy a plain pot with your little ones, and decorate it with simple pictures! 

Flower hunt

For an easy set up and minimally resourced activity, you can’t beat a flower hunt. Many National Trust properties offer nature hunts throughout the warmer months, but you can just as easily recreate this at home! The Woodland Trust have a lovely free selection of ‘plant and fungi’ spotter sheets for each season of the year, which are beautifully made and accurate to what you are likely to find in the UK.

Floral potions

Flowers are a lovely addition to outdoor mud kitchens and water trays, and children will have a wonderful time making flower ‘potions’ outside. If you’re looking for a good base to start the fun, we love this potion making kit for kids which could be supplemented with daisies, dandelions and more for fairy ‘tea’ and witch’s brews! We recommend having plenty of ‘mashing’ instruments for little ones to explore, while older children might enjoy some child-safe scissors for chopping up ingredients!

Flower themed crafts

Finally, you might like to go with some old-fashioned flower-themed crafting. We love Cotton Twist’s floral jewellery kits - inexpensive, reusable and perfect for lots of afternoon fun! Alternatively, you might like to decorate cards with your pressed flowers from earlier, or simply create your own flowers with simple collage, tissue paper or junk modelling.

Flowers provide such lovely inspiration for spring activities. We hope these ideas provide you with a little inspiration!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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