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What is it?

Puzzle By Number Rainbow by Plus-Plus: Dive into the world of educational construction toys with Plus-Plus! Ignite creative play by effortlessly crafting vibrant mosaics, matching colours to numbers. Once assembled, your rainbow transforms into engaging room décor. The 500 versatile Plus-Plus pieces, ideal for both sustainable toy enthusiasts and parents, beckon your next imaginative build. This captivating set not only stimulates creativity but also enhances colour and number recognition — and there's no need for glue or ironing. It's an eco-friendly choice for both learning and play! 

Proudly made in Denmark, Plus-Plus emphasises sustainability, with their factory and headquarters relying on 100% green energy from wind power. Their commitment to a "no waste" approach ensures all excess plastic is reincorporated into new Plus-Plus sets.

Product details

Recommended age: 5+

Each piece measures 2 cm x 1.2 cm

Dimensions: 22 cm x 22 cm x 6 cm

Includes 500 colour mix pieces (Black, White, Grey, Yellow, Purple, Pastel Blue, Turquoise, NEW Coral, NEW Apple, NEW Lilac) and 1 pattern flyer

BPA-and phthalate-free

Can be washed in washing machine or dishwasher

Made with 100% wind energy

Designed and Made in Denmark

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