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What is it?

Wooden forest is a toy inspired by old Russian fairy tales and Raduga Grez love of the forest.

A forest is a soft mossy path, the dewdrops on oak trees, the sound of a woodpecker or a cuckoo bird. What do you hear? Maybe a squirrel running by, or a pinecone has fallen on the ground?

Just as a real forest awakens the imagination and draws a fairy tale creature in a simple mossy stump, so this forest set tunes a child to play and adds a little magic to ordinary game scenarios.

Russian forest is an open-ended toy. It is ideal for storyline games, home theatre and it is simply beautiful.

Product details

Recommended age: 2+

6 trees, 2 bushes

Dimensions: smallest piece (bush) 3 cm x 4 cm, biggest piece (fur tree) 14 cm x 7 cm

Solid wood and non-toxic water-based paint or oil. Against wood wasting, Raduga Grez keeps the dark knots in the wood. Carton boxes in different colours or hand sewed cotton bags for packaging.

CE marked

Made in Russia in small batches

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