Making the Most of a Winter Day

Embrace winter's magic with Eeny Meeny! Discover cosy activities and recipes for the perfect family day in the chilly season.

Ah, Winter is very much here! At Eeny Meeny, we love the blooms of Spring and the crips days of Autumn, but Winter brings with it its very own magic too - so in this post, we’re sharing our ideas for spending a cosy day with your young ones, all themed around this magical season. 

Cosy breakfast

Start the day with a warm, cosy breakfast. Porridge, pancakes or perhaps pastries are all soothing, warming treats to start this wintery day. If you still have fairy lights from Christmas, why not pop these out on the table or eating space, to add to the atmosphere?

Hot chocolate (mocha for the grown-ups!)

With full tummies, it’s time to make a homemade hot chocolate to take on a wintery walk. Here is a simple option to try with your little ones - the smallest folk could focus just on adding cream and toppings. If you have enough takeaway cups, it would be lovely to take these out with you on your walk, or otherwise, drink them before, or when you get back! If you are feeling particularly creative, you could even make biscuits to go with these delicious treats. We have a lovely kit here with biscuit stamps included.

Winter walk

With tummies full and bellies warm (or warming if you have brought your hot drink on the go) it’s time to get out on a winter walk. You could even bring your hot drinks in a warming bag, and get them out once little folk start asking for snacks.

Don your wellies and all-in-ones, and find a local area with lots of woodland. If you pick a dry day, why not collect some sticks to build a den with later on? Otherwise, go out and explore what the world looks like in Winter. Can your children see any creatures? Might some of the usual furry and feathered friends they spot have disappeared? Talk about where these animals might have gone or might be staying, and explore the clever and magical world of hibernation and migration. 

Seasonal vegetables soup

Once you return home, it’s time to do some batch cooking. Do a little research with your children about what vegetables are typically in season in Winter near you, and pop to the shops to fetch them. The National Trust have a great resource here exploring what you are likely to find at its best in each month of the year.

Once you are kitted out with vegetables, get cooking. Older children might like to chop while younger children might peel while observed. Even the littlest folk will enjoy stirring or adding seasoning and salt. Make a big batch of soup for freezing to keep throughout the month, and make sure to have a big bowl of the lovely soup for lunch or dinner today. This is a great activity to return to throughout the months as the seasonal vegetables change to reflect the world around you. 

Cosy blanket dinner

With your soup prepared, why not have an early bath and get back into your cosiest pyjamas, then settle down for a big bowl of warming, Wintery soup? You might like to add bread to the mix - or a warming Winter pudding. Add as many blankets, pillows and throws as you can find and cosy up together to enjoy your cosy feast. If you aren’t opposed to screen-time, a nice Disney film would work beautifully with this. We also love the cosy show Frog and Toad!

Welcome Winter - enjoy these days!

We hope you get an opportunity to embrace the Winter season. While the weather can feel cold and quiet in comparison to the heady heights of Christmas, there is much still to enjoy. Happy cold season!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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