Post Christmas: Making Sense of the Days

Post Christmas: Making Sense of the Days

In the post-Christmas lull, days seem both fast and slow. Is it the New Year yet? Is it still the festive season? Shall we cook an actual meal and stop living off leftovers? Who can tell? If you’re like us at Eeny Meeny, this time period can feel a little in-between and confusing. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips to help you through this topsy-turvy time, with a focus on connection, play and relaxation as much as possible.

Calendars and observing the season

In a time phase that can feel a little like the Twilight Zone, we love to focus on marking time with calendars! Advent calendars are empty by now, so why not explore new calendars for 2024? There are lots of beautiful wooden calendars to choose from that include the weather, the season and more - and marking time passing using them is a lovely way to ground oneself in the calendar, even if things feel a tad off-piste. 

You might even like to explore the more observable things of this world in more depth - such as the weather! Why not look at local weather reports and learn about how the season is changing with your little ones? You could explore the science behind different weather patterns, or even conduct a weather experiment like these ones. Since we’re talking about all things weather, this brings us to another important way to enjoy this in-between time: getting outdoors!

Getting outdoors

We think the early days of January are a great chance to explore the outdoors, and love the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum to help make the most of outdoor seasonal exploration. We have a blog post, in fact, all about what to look for and enjoy on a cold Winter walk!

If you are more in the mood for staying closer to home, we have plenty of options for encouraging your little ones outdoors to get some fresh air and blow off the cobwebs. The Den Kit Company has a fantastic selection. First, this potion-making kit is a wonderful complement to a mud kitchen, or simply some pots and pans (and if you have snow, all the better!), while this pirate den kit is also a great encouragement for natural imaginative play. Children will love making a pizza for the birds with this cosy kit, while the bug spotter kit is a great invitation to search for all manner of creepy crawlies and see what they’re up to during the colder months.


Another classic way to get the family together during the Christmas come-down is some simple game playing. We have a blog post sharing our love for Londji’s offerings, as well as a post sharing our favourite games for pre-schoolers, younger school-age and older school-age children, alongside tips for setting the scene for a cosy game night (or afternoon).

A cosy family meal

The Christmas season has seen a lot of home-cooked meals. As things wind down, though, in those days in between the big day and the return to normality, it’s easy to live off leftovers and snacky foods. While this certainly has its perks, we sometimes still crave a simple home-cooked meal. Why not get the family involved in just that? A warming Winter soup, stew or pasta dish with homemade bread is a treat all the family can enjoy while filling everyone up on nutrients - and a little more stability! You could even cook this together and get everyone involved.

Happy New Year

We hope these ideas inspire you to work on connection and joy during this in-between time. We wish you a very happy 2024!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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