Easter Activities For Families

Easter Activities For Families

Spring is most definitely here, and so is one of our favourite festivals: Easter! Less extravagant than its cousin Christmas, but still heavily focused on family and togetherness, Easter brings with it wonderful opportunities for play, memories and family magic. It also has much potential for sustainable play options, with minimal need for buying more gifts to make memories. In this post we’ll be sharing our favourite plans for the Easter break, and how you might like to mark the occasion too.

Easter hunts

A go-to for many families, while untouched by others, we just adore the thought of a joyous Easter hunt! Get your hands on a selection of simple Easter eggs, be that a basket of plain eggs or more decorative ones, and scatter them around your home or garden. Write a selection of simple clues to encourage little ones to go searching. These could be pictures for pre-readers right through to whimsical poems and riddles for older children. Either way, children will adore the chase of seeing who gets to the eggs first, or working as a team to fill their baskets. This is a wonderful way to connect and make memories. 

Egg painting

Another lovely Easter activity is egg painting. The overall idea is emptying the eggs of their contents then painting them, but many find this messy business. Luckily we found this fantastic tip over on BBC Good Food to do this with minimal mess using a baby nose aspirator to suck the egg contents out and wash with soap! How clever! Once your egg is cleaned out, encourage little ones to carefully paint their beauties with watercolours, paint pens and chalk. Children might like to add special decorations, write an initial or simply fill in with one full colour. This can be a wonderful way to encourage fine motor skills, as well as working on an activity which requires a lot of care and attention (we want to keep those eggs intact!). You can then leave your beauties out on display, and if they survive the season, bring them out every year, adding to your growing nest! If you want to involve your kids in a more guided (yet fun) arts and crafts activity, you'll love the Cotton Twist Make you Own Easter Garden Kit and their Easter Salt Dough Decorating Kit.

Easter bonnets

Another family favourite at team Eeny Meeny is making Easter bonnets. While you can certainly buy a kit and lots of decorative items, you can just as easily make a fun bonnet using cardboard, paint and other items already lying around your home. Cardboard, paper, paint and perhaps some tissue paper or eco-friendly glitter are certain to make a beautiful hat to be kept and loved year after year! Why not make your bonnets, then wear them for your Easter hunt, or make them then show them off on a magical Easter parade?

Easter baking 

Finally, we have Easter baking. If you’re looking for a simple activity to try with younger children, you’re hard-pressed to go wrong with making chocolate nests. Little hands will love crushing cereal, melting chocolate and selecting their favourite decorations! Do carefully consider whether mini eggs are appropriate for your children when coming to decorating, as these can pose a choking hazard. For something more challenging for older children, consider hot cross buns or simnel cake -  both traditional bakes that are great for those keen to master something more complex. Why not gift your bakes to family and friends in place of Easter eggs, if you think they’ll enjoy them just as much? 

Happy Easter!

We do hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your little ones and making memories - enjoy the chocolate too!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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