A Introduction to... Londji

Londji Toy Highlights: Sustainable & Creative Play

We’re so excited to share with you another fantastic brand highlight. This time, we’re focusing on the whimsical game and toy manufacturer, Londji. Londji’s motto is ‘playing is spending time with people you love’ - and we wholeheartedly agree. We believe in the magic connection that play can bring families - so stocking Londji made perfect sense to all that we stand for at Eeny Meeny.

So, if you are looking for peaceful, gentle board games and toys for children of all ages that focus on skill acquisition, cooperative play, connection and cognitive development, all in a beautifully illustrated package, you are in the right place!

Why we love Londji...


Londji, as with all of our brands, has sustainability at its heart. Londji design and build all their toys and games with the environment in mind, sourcing responsible materials that won’t harm the planet and crafting all items in Europe. They use cotton bags, not plastic, and ensure the full product is recyclable - so it won’t be on a landfill in 500 years' time! In addition to this, Londji design and manufacture their toys between their two offices, Barcelona and Girona, keeping good working conditions for all employees and generating wealth in their local area. Londji have a beautiful commitment of ‘living a better world for our children, with the values and honesty that our ancestors passed on to us’.

Open-ended play

Londji’s toys are designed to be open-ended wherever possible, meeting the child where they are at. Most of their board games have multiple play options, allowing children to develop and grow with the game as their skills develop. Take Good Night as an example. Good Night blends deduction, matching and cooperation in one fun game - whether you’re pairing matching friends, or deducing who is sleeping, children are sure to develop critical thinking! The Art of Creating Stories is another beauty. Children utilise prompt cards to build stories and above all, allow their imagination to wander, crafting mesmerising stories individually and as a collective with the other players. Each game is different, just like every child - and children are certain to take their storytelling further after the game has ended! Another fantastic option is The Whale and the Fish, a game without instructions or rules. Part puzzle and part pattern creator, this game encourages children to design their own gameplay based on their needs and interests. They might make patterns, take turns to add fish of alternating colours, or design their own puzzle. Children are free to explore the game as they wish!

Skill development

Londji’s games don’t simply pass the time. They build skills, cooperation, and creative thinking at every step. We love the magic of The Fairy and the Wizard, where children are tasked to think strategically, helping the kind fairy stop the cruel witch from taking over the forest. Turn-taking, spatial orientation, simple calculation and group strategy are all part of this beautiful game. Chez Moi is another fantastic game that encourages all sorts of skills. Little ones will engage their artistic side while designing homes and cities, developing their spatial awareness as well as fostering a love for spatial planning and architecture!

Beautifully designed 

A final important part of our love for Londji is the impeccable design of every product. Londji bring in a variety of illustrators and designers to ensure every product is a joy to own, capturing a child’s eye for beauty and magic. Why save the joy of design for adults? Children can benefit from this too! Chez Moi hosts a range of whimsically designed stickers, all individually created and perfect to build a city. The Fairy and the Wizard adds beauty and whimsy to a cooperative game, while The Whale and the Fish offer an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly calming way to pass the time. We could go on!

Final thoughts

Londji really do have something special. We feel they manage a beautiful balance of encouraging open-ended play and skills development while crafting a sensationally beautiful, sustainable product. We couldn’t be prouder to stock them at Eeny Meeny!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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