Behind Eeny Meeny: Get to Know the Story

The Story Behind Eeny Meeny

Let me tell you the story of how Eeny Meeny was born.

It started with the idea of contributing differently to society and getting involved with a topic very close to my heart: childhood. How to make it colourful, playful and inspiring, the start in life that every kid deserves.

I firmly believe in the power of play to support kids’ learning and development. It allows children to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Equally importantly, it promotes the development of emotional intelligence, which I believe is a crucial quality for well-rounded human beings, as more than ten years in human resources, coaching and leadership have shown me.

Therefore, toys should do more than just entertain a child. They should help them learn, inspire them to become their best selves, find what they love, explore the world, discover new things, and solve problems on their terms. In a word, contribute to their growth into happy, balanced and thoughtful adults.

It makes gifting a child a real responsibility and a personal act that speaks to your values. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find the right gift among a very extensive offer of brands and toys. Even more so, if you want something different and meant to last, something made with high-quality materials, beautiful aesthetics and design. Made by environmentally aware brands with personality. Toys that both parents AND kids will like. Toys with colours, educational virtues, and encouraging open-ended play and imagination.

Our carefully curated selection reflects all of this: warm colours vs flashy ones, high-quality materials responsibly sourced vs another plastic toy, unique brands with a story to tell vs mainstream brands, all geared towards developing kind and curious minds.

You will notice a touch of quirkiness in the Eeny Meeny selection. Like the unusual and peculiar things that make us who we are, I wanted our offering to inspire children to be creative and have fun while playing.

And our mission doesn’t stop here. When you shop with us, you're not just buying some of the best toys and accessories available. Because every child deserves a chance at a happy childhood no matter their circumstances, shopping with Eeny Meeny means shopping with a purpose—and helping to give back to the community by supporting charities that work tirelessly to provide support and opportunities for young people living in poverty. We do this on your behalf by giving Little Village 1% of each order amount (with a minimum of £1 per order). Little Village is a charity that supports families with babies and children under five living in poverty across London. They run a baby bank network, collecting, sorting and passing on pre-loved clothes and equipment, and their impact is remarkable.

I hope you will enjoy our shop as much as we had fun bringing it to life.

Let’s make childhood memorable, together.

Clothilde Gasser

Founder of Eeny Meeny

Founder of Eeny Meeny and Mum of 3 under 6, I love to curate toys resonating with kids and parents: sustainable, inspiring and nurturing. Dive into mindful gifting and embrace our vision for a brighter childhood.

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