Gardening fun! Our tips for gardening with kids

Discover our top tips for gardening with kids

There’s something utterly magic about gardening with children. Aside from the patience needed to handle the joyful mess, learning and connection opportunities abound! We love gardening with little ones at Eeny Meeny, so thought that this week we would share our top ways to get the most out of this cosy, creative activity.

Think creatively about where to garden

If you are a city dweller or live in a home without set green space, it can feel a little like you miss out on the opportunity to grow your own. Thankfully there are lots of options for grabbing a piece of your own greenery without square footage outdoors!

Firstly, think windowsills and boxes. Whether you live in a flat or house, using windowsills as space for growing is a great way to maximise your space. This article shares top tips for making the most of window planters for growing edible crops.

Have a garden, albeit a small one? The Royal Horticultural Society have a brilliant resource for tips on how to maximise your outdoor space. Alternatively, if you have a moderately rebellious spirit, you might even join in with guerilla gardening to brighten up your community! The RHS also have a resource on how to get stuck in doing this.

Get set up with the right kit

So, you have your plot, spot or space. Time to consider what equipment you need to get going! While it’s perfectly fine to use adult-sized tools with sensible (perhaps older) children under direct supervision, we have plenty of tools designed for little ones. This is also a great option for very young gardeners, or those who are a little uncertain! Dantoy’s range of gardening tools are wonderfully made from bio-plastic. Egmont Toys also have this great dinosaur-themed gardening set complete with apron!

If you plan on gardening in warmer, sunny weather, we also recommend getting set up with the right sun protection. Hello Hossy have a great range of children’s hats, from toddlers through to children 6+, while SPF is also important in the sunnier months.

Keep the joy up with observations

So, your kit is ready and you know where you’re gardening. Once you have got planting, the seeds are laid and the ground is watered, children might naturally lose interest. Keep up the excitement, then, with a fun scientific investigation! Children might enjoy measuring their plants each day, and comparing any grown in different conditions. For example, plants on one windowsill may grow better than others if in better sunlight, while plants grown near a road may fare a little worse than those planted in a local park with plenty of light and less pollution.

Children could compare recent rainfall with how their plants fare, and they could even compare different plant types and how quickly they grow. Children might like to record their findings in a journal, drawing pictures of the plants as they change.


Gardening offers many skills - from patience to a care for nature and an ability to analyse. We love to return to this simple activity all year round, and find this is a lovely way for children to engage with the wonders of nature too. Good luck with your gardening ventures!

Emily Hanson

Freelance Writer, Education and Play Specialist

Emily Hanson is a freelance writer with specialisms in education and play. Emily holds a PGCE and M.Ed from the University of Cambridge - although her proudest achievements are her two beautiful daughters.

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