Half Sphere Earth Stacking Tower for Children

Raduga Grez

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What is it?

As familiar simple arcs, but three-dimensional, and therefore more interesting! Made on the principle of the traditional matryoshka doll, but in a modern version. This toy can replace ten other toys. Use the hemispheres as utensils, as cribs, houses or caves for toys, arrange from small to large, build towers, store treasures, stack into each other, pour flour, cereal or balls into the sphere and pour into another sphere. Treat everyday play as an adventure, stay curious and enjoy your discoveries!

The wood pattern is visible and touchable. They look like a nut shell, like a shell with a mollusk hiding inside.

Perfectly matches other toys of Raduga Grez and increases their play potential. Takes up little space if you're a minimalist or just a fan of functionality.

Product details

Recommended age: 3+

Dimensions(nested size): 11 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm

Solid wood and non-toxic water-based paint or oil. Against wood wasting, Raduga Grez keeps the dark knots in the wood. Carton boxes in different colours or hand sewed cotton bags for packaging.

CE marked

Made in Russia in small batches

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